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Rob Craft
"My goal has never been to turn out a good fighter.  My goal has always been
to turn out a good person."
Robert Craft

Board members      
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Wanda Gaston     SKAA Communication Specialist
On The Art of Karate- Art is to engage one's self fully, it is not a separate function. It
is a fiber that becomes part of you, unlike an activity you may be involved in. I am a
artist of many modalities. In my life Karate has created  a space for me to grow,
change, and learn. I don't think I could have survived without it. I thank the many
members and instructors who have been a part of my life- I will always owe them my
truest effort towards the way. Wanda Gaston  
Vedasta Migisha       Vice President
Frank Martinez  SKAA Style Representative
Steve Rose   President ,
Dave Bossom       
"On this 20th anniversary many of us will tell stories of the experiences we’ve
had & where karate has taken us.  Retrospect is a good thing but not the only
thing.  Instead I ask, “Where will you take karate & the martial arts?”  Besides
the dojo, will you take it to work?  Will you take it into your family life?  Where
else can you take it?  If you lose it along the way, how will you find it again?  How
will you practice, display, & teach Shinkyudo in the next 20 years?  This will
define our future." - Dave Bossom
Samantha Roach  
"I come to you with only Karate. My hands are empty, but I fear no man. Should I
be forced to defend myself My honor, or my principles;
Should it be a matter of right or wrong, or life or death, Then here are my weapons,
My empty hands."  Ed Parker
Adam Smith        
"The ultimate aim of Karate-Do lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of
character of its participants" Gichin Funakoshi
Aaron Leisinger  
Kevin Graves
Sid Hansen
Craig Schaul
Joesph Edwards
Waverly Dojo Sensei