This is the mission statement and provides the stated direction that this organization intends to pursue.                        
The mission of the Shinkyudo organization is to promote and protect the style. This system creates and supports an
environment for those who train in the Way to grow and persevere.

Shinkyudo has one very simple purpose; that is, to improve peoples lives.
This has always been the goal in traditional Martial Arts. To accomplish this, we use the time-proven method of
rigorous physical training accompanied with a moral framework. This system of training and teaching was
developed by the early masters and works just as well today. We cannot do magic, but with a commitment of time
and effort on the students part, the change may seem like it to others.
About Us
The style has existed since 1986. The goal has,and always will be, to improve, enhance and enrich lives through study, practice and  competition.
This means it can be applicable to all. No one need fear being left out or left behind since personal growth is possible to each. Study allows for
understanding, practice allows for improvement and competition allows for expression.
As mentioned, the training received in a traditional Karate class
follows a format laid down by the earliest of masters. The structure
of a class centers on respect, tradition and rigorous training. Put
together, they provide an atmosphere in which the student will be
able to perform and progress. There is room for specific adjustment
but a traditional class will be comprised of several, time-honored
parts. Respect (for self as well as others), tradition, repetition and
competition are essential parts of each class. Together they help
the Karate-Ka gain confidence (in their developing mind and body)
while maintaining humility by the respect shown to and received by
Group, class type training is a precursor to all subsequent activities and:  therefore, comprises the largest percentage
of the student’s time. Without it they would be unable to succeed in the other, more specialized, areas. The chief
instructor is solely responsible for all instruction; however, guest and student instructors are also included. By training
openly we show others how we train and the results that we get from it, we gain new members and supporters as well as
acceptance of our art. Others gain an idea of what Karate is truly about and the broader benefits that they can derive
from participation in this lifelong activity. It helps to eliminate the mystery and misconceptions that are often portrayed in
movies and television. It also gives people a chance to speak and ask questions one-on-one with real life practitioners.
Shinkyudo Karate is a non-profit organization relying on the many contributions from our membership and others.
It is  through their hours of volunteering and amazing unwavering perseverance that we are able to pass on the
martial arts experience. Thank You!!
"Our doubts are traitors, And
make us lose the good we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt."
-----William Shakespeare

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