The outer circle represents the endless circle of
learning that is a part of this traditional Martial Art.
Circular movement is exemplified by the circular design
of the emblem itself.
The words following the curvature of the emblem
reminds us that the style is not rigid, but instead
flexible and open to change towards improvement.

The black belt in the center highlights two points.
First, it is an obvious, visible goal recognized by the
Martial Arts community. Secondly, this belt is empty;
emphasizing that a black belt in and of itself is
worthless, but rather it is the person inside the belt
that is significant. This also serves to remind the
student that the weight of the rank always applies –
whether wearing it or not.

The colors of the emblem have a particular
significance as well. The color white represents purity,
which is a quality we strive to achieve for body, mind
and spirit. Black, which is the absence of color,
represents the state of mushin (no-mind) that can only
be achieved through endless, intense physical training.
Together, black and white demonstrate the principle of
in and yo (opposites). Finally, the gold lettering. This
color is closely associated with the Sun. To us, it
signifies the shining light of enlightenment we hope to
achieve in time through our continued study and
practice of the Way.

Later, the gold lettering was replaced with red. The
color red symbolizes courage and dedication. Without
these, no progress towards our goal of enlightenment
can be made.