To reach our goals by being
actively involved in our
community. Reaching out for the
betterment of all, through diligent
disciplined learning, and the
practice of traditional karate.
Devoted to the building and
refinement of character in each
student, while
maintaining the way and future of
Shinkyudo Karate. This
right-mindedness and honor will
have a profound positive effect
on the future of Shinkyudo Karate
and our community.

To promote and protect the style. This system creates and supports an
environment for those who train in the way to grow and persevere.

The Shinkyudo style of karate is a blend of several martial art styles.

In the Japanese language “Shinkyu” means new and old.   When combined
with “Do”, it simply means – the way of the new and the way of the old.
Shinkyudo Karate provides the practical system of self-defense applicable
in this age while still linking the student to the power of past masters.
Our continuous search for “the one best way” keeps the style vital and
flexible. Through the time-proven method of intense physical training,
students achieve the metaphysical levels of the art. The goal is continuous
Our Vision:
Shinkyudo Karate is a non-profit organization relying on the many contributions from our membership and others.
It is  through their hours of volunteering and amazing unwavering perseverance that we are able to pass on the
martial arts experience. Thank You!!  

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Our Mission:
The karate style of Shinkyudo (New Old Way) combines traditional forms, techniques and
principles from several styles of martial arts with a modern philosophy of life. All instructors
are black belts, certified by the Shinkyudo Karate Association of America Inc.
Our Classes: