Frank Martinez's Karate history   

In Korea
In 1968-1969, while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces in South Korea in a small village called Unchoni, I had my first
experience in the martial arts. I witnessed a full contact match between a professional boxer (who I had previously been
a sparring partner with) and a young Korean black belt named Lee. The young Korean knocked out the boxer. He did
this within a few seconds, with a hard side-kick to the boxer’s chin. This led me to my first do jang (training hall)

In the USA
In 1971 I began training under Sang K Eun 5th Dan, Taekwon-do, in Rockford Ill.
Traveling the United States in 1973, I trained in the styles of Goju-ryu, and Shotokan.
Settling in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area in 1974, I began training with Mr. Kevin  Parson, Shodan, in the Kyokushin style
of karate.
Becoming a member of the USKA in 1977 and continued training in the American Kyokushin style through 1981, under
Lee E. Dawson.
In 1987, I began training under Master Kenneth Bradfield, at the University of Northern Iowa, in the Shinkyudo style,
where I currently hold the rank of 4th Dan.

Certified 4th Dan with the Shinkyudo Karate Association.
Certified Shinkyudo karate instructor.
Certified 4th kyu with the United States Karate Association Kyokushin style.
Other studies include; Taekwon-do, Goju Ryu, Shotokan, Ishin Ryu, Judo, and The United States Army Infantry combat
tactical training.
1995-2003. Chief instructor of the Waterloo Shinkyudo dojo.
1996 Founding the Shinkyudo karate club of Waverly, where I continue teaching and training in karate do.
Past President and Vice President of the Shinkyudo Karate Association of America (SKAA).
1999 Midwest Open Tri-State 15th  Karate Championships. Grand championship winner.
1999 SKAA Open Karate Championship 1st place kumite, kata and weapons forms black belt division.
1980's and 90's  placed in several invitational and open karate and kungfu championship tournaments in the Midwest
Director SKAA annual Midwest Open Karate Championship Tournament 1998, 2000, 2003.
Co-director SKAA annual Midwest Open Karate Championship Tournament  2010.
Waverly Branch Dojo
Sensei Martinez
Chief Instructor
Style Representative
Sensei Martinez
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